Winner of 2019 Murrow award in a newly-revised category

Winner of 2019 Murrow award in a newly-revised category

I am proud and excited to announce that my digital team and I have won the RTDNA’s regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Multimedia.

For the first time, this category was changed from “Website” to “Multimedia,” which opened the entry to include broadcast and social media elements. In light of this expanded field of consideration, I am especially proud of our achievement.

I chose to compose our entry as an overview of several big projects posted throughout the year. I selected examples that used a variety of creative presentations to achieve the goal defined by the category: “… be of practical use to the general public and maximize online technologies to inform and educate the public and enhance public debate about important daily issues.”

Examples included coverage of the gas line disaster, the start of recreational marijuana sales in the state, the deaths of two police officers and an investigation into a deteriorating parking garage.

Now that we’ve won the region, our entry advances to the national competition.