Resume redesign 2019

Resume redesign 2019

Because of my recent experience recruiting interns for our newsroom’s summer program, I noticed a spike in traffic here on my website. It’s not a surprise, but it did make me realize that a few things here were outdated.

Most importantly, I realized that my old resume failed to emphasize my many years of experience in management roles. It also fell short in expressing my various technical skills and experiences working with major events.

The old design served me well (it was what I used when landing my current gig), but I also felt it was time for something with a simpler aesthetic.

To make this resume, I used Photoshop for the header and Apple’s Pages for the rest of the text and icons. The fonts are from the Helvetica Neue family, a clean and standard font.

While most of the page is monochrome, I decided to use a maroon color as an accent. I think it helps to break the sections apart visually.