Proud moment: Rap battle win

Proud moment: Rap battle win

I’ve written before about strategies for dealing with negative comments. In general, I believe that includes giving almost everyone at least one chance at a response.

But beyond responding to them, it is important to take a big inhuman brand and give it a humanizing touch – especially when doing customer service like replying to Facebook comments. 

Yes, it is a phrase that people in the news business don’t like, but we should be good at customer service. In fact, we should be the best if we want to retain our trusted status. 

Ok, blah blah introduction aside.

I really just want to share this reply I sent to one of the most frustrating type of question we get: The people who ask why something is newsworthy. 

I usually reply with a note about how news stories are supposed to be about out of the ordinary happenings, but in this case the story also suggested a format for my reply. 

I know it’s stilly, but it makes me chuckle.