One work week completed in Boston

One work week completed in Boston

After one week in the new job, I’m starting to settle in to new surroundings and a new workflow. I’m very lucky to have an experienced staff who were able to absorb the extra workload while also helping me to learn so many new tools.

The usual bureaucracies of joining the new company caused my first few days to be somewhat less productive than I hoped. But I started to feel truly useful on Friday, when all of my accounts were finally opened and I was able to write original stories.

I still have more training to go, and a whole lot of new people to be introduced to, but after that successful Friday I feel very optimistic.

It also deserves note that the past week was a very successful one for our team, statistically speaking. I can’t post details publicly, but I can say that to me it was a great sign about the competency of my new colleagues.

And while all this was happening, I also learned that my former team in Denver was honored with yet another award. This one was made extra special by the fact that we did not apply for it, but were nominated without our knowledge.

It is the kind of recognition I hope to continue getting during my time in Boston.