First reflections on my Kneeland fellowship experience

First reflections on my Kneeland fellowship experience

Sitting here in the shadow of the Texas State Capitol, daydreams about future possibilities are dancing through my mind. We just adjourned the final session of the Carole Kneeland Project for Responsible Journalism’s 25th anniversary fellowship class.

It was an extraordinary honor to be a part of this program, which focuses newsroom leadership, journalistic ethics, developing coaching skills and building our peer networks.

For me, it was a particular honor because I was one of the few in my class who was not yet a news director. For all of us this was a crash-course in skills to help address current challenges but I also had an extra layer of preparing for challenges that I may face in the future.

Fall 2023 Kneeland Fellows

The Kneeland faculty are incredible luminaries of the industry who openly and selflessly shared with all of us.

Equally valuable was the candor and camaraderie of our class, each of whom helped to enhance the experience for me.

Importantly, the fellowship experience is not over. Action plans that started here need to be implemented at home and lessons need to be actualized.

Relationships with my classmates and the past fellows will also certainly have a lasting impact.