October-November Sweeps

October-November Sweeps

Sweeps periods are the times of year when television stations air their best, and most promotable, content in an effort to secure additional viewers to be counted in the ratings. Websites, however, don’t get ratings (in the same sense). So why spend a significant amount of effort curating tie-in content?

Not because of the ratings, but because of the same aspects that make the content promotable for television. They are enterprise stories or franchises that contain information a large portion of the population will want to know. Sweeps stories are, in that sense, among the most important projects a television station (and its website) can undertake.

Here are links to some of the sweeps projects for which I wrote sidebars, curated content, and edited for 9WSYR.com during the October-November sweeps period of 2010:

Concussions, A Health Alert

Inside the PSC

Hidden Hate

Screen cap from 9wsyr.com Inside the PSC