First Few Months Down In COS

First Few Months Down In COS

With a few months under my belt at KKTV, I’m pleased to say that it has been a great success.

The move went smoothly and I’m happy to say that I’ve settled into my new routine well. I’m also enjoying my new city of Colorado Springs.

While my principal tasks have focused on the gathering and editing of content for our website, I’ve also worked on some page design within the confines of our template. Here are three examples that I’m particularly proud of:
11 Breaking Weather Alert is one of our signature positions. In addition to an increased weather portion in our newscasts, I’ve also created a short process for taking over the home page and putting weather front and center. We change our logos, theme colors and add a box containing weather maps, social widgets and a set of the most popular links.

When we go to breaking weather alert mode, we can always expect a traffic spike.

I’m particularly proud of how this project turned out and glad to say it’s been well received.

The next two projects weren’t as creative, but posed an interesting challenge.

Prior to my arrival, many of the station’s pages were built using large image files, even the text of the content was part of the image. In addition to making the pages unsearchable, it was also quite difficult to edit them when we needed to make changes.

To simplify the process, I rebuilt the Advertise page and a page promoting an educational offering called 11 Weather Class using css classes and html text. They look essentially the same as they always did, but they’re now easily editable and

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