Emotion, resilience and parallax scrollling

Emotion, resilience and parallax scrollling

Over the past year, the coverage of the Aurora movie theater shooting has sent me through torrents of various emotions. I’ve been incredibly saddened by the descriptions of what happened, scared by some of the reactions and encouraged by some of the healing stories that survivors elected to share.

Aurora Strong page sampleOne of my coworkers, I’m not sure precisely who, suggested we focus our coverage of the shooting anniversary on that last kind of story. The result is inspiring.

We certainly didn’t find every story of courage and resilience, but we found several – and they are heartfelt.

The reporters and producers I’m working with now are among the best citizens I’ve ever met. The stories they found for this project are proof of that.

To make each of the stories look as special as they sound, I decided to try my hand at several new layout tools. The survivor’s stories and charitable endeavors deserved at least that much.

The resulting page combined (new to me) CSS tricks, a parallax scrolling template, a lightbox template and the best writing my team and I could create.

In creating our Aurora Strong section, I learned a great deal about those technical details and an equal amount about human courage.

— Update, July 25: Our corporate communications also posted a story about our work on this project.