2 in a row (but this one counts more to me)

2 in a row (but this one counts more to me)

For the second consecutive year, WCVB is the recipient of the National Headliner Award for best local TV affiliated website — but this one feels more personal to me.

Our 2016 National Headliner Award on a trophy shelf inside WCVB’s lobby.

I joined the team with just about one month remaining in 2015, and therefore I only participated in a small part of the coverage that made up our entry last year. The act of writing that entry gave me great pride about the team I was joining and I was pleased that entry won them the recognition they all deserved, but it didn’t feel like my own victory.

I was much more intimately involved with every project involved in this year’s entry, which makes this victory taste so much sweeter.


The entry I composed was a narrative consisting of more than 40 links across six categories that summarized our year. It leaned heavily on our breaking news coverage and the ways we used our many digital platforms to address the questions or concerns of our local audience.

Re-reading that entry today reminds me that there was an awful lot to be proud of last year — and makes me feel excited about all the things we’ve accomplished so far this year.