Becoming the News

Becoming the News

While we were out at the Hopkinsville Soap Box Derby, here is what happened: (WARNING, THIS VIDEO MAY BE UNSUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS)

I couldn’t tell the story any better than Andrew did, here is a copy of his tweets:

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser got taken out by a soapbox derby car, unresponsive and seizured for a few moments. at ER, getting cat scanabout 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser survives to tell the tale of a soapbox derby gone bad-is responsive & talking to doctors. photo, video to comeabout 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser going into cat scan with bruised elbow, bloody bump on head, chipped molar and sore ankle.about 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser ‘s insurance has lapsed – cat scan may not be possible. will continue to updateabout 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser – doc says cat scan is by good measure, necessary but will forgo elbow x ray due to lack of insuranceabout 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser needs cat scan after child coapbox derby driver swerves into center lane past the finish line, fails to breakabout 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser jumps to dodge run away car, right ankle gets clipped by axle causing heavy fall , landing on head, elbowabout 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser says to followers, ‘gravity is questionable’about 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser – in sly move, dr sends me to waiting room, not allowed to see cat scan, siting possible damage to camera eq.about 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser now alone in back hallways of hospital, without me (his twitter secratary). last words,’sure i can sit up’about 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser gear is fine, 2 cameras recorded entire scene, collision to hospital, will post soon, +interview w/ @pstenserabout 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser returns standing from cat scan! waiting for doctors results now, @pstenser claims he wants to ‘go dancing’about 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser claims he does not care about chipped tooth, ‘it was one of them back teeth i was supposed to have removed’about 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser also says a karaoke bar is in order- claims ER is much more interesting looking from standing viewabout 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser also sites need for ER ceiling paintings for patient entertainment, ‘that, or sports illustrated’about 4 hours ago from txt

#theyoungandthewire @pstenser – final wrap up. Phil is fine, news coverage here: 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

This is how a race should look: