Ode to the end-of-year listicle

Ode to the end-of-year listicle

‘Twas the countdown to Christmas,
and everyone knows,
that man-hours dwindle,
and the news cycle slows.

Lawmakers take a recess,
staff members take off.
Our editors stress,
as the numbers trough.

So we write silly content,
using cliche’s like “‘Twas,”
hoping to supplement,
what the news cycle does.

We repurpose old tales,
into lists of top ten or top five.
Organized into categories,
headlines from our archives.

Our motivation is a mix,
of business and sentimentality,
an old bag off tricks,
for end-of-year vitality.

So content creators, please,
remember your favorite writing,
and in your best journalese,
decide what we’ll be highlighting.

Merry Holidays and Happy New Year!