New year, new role at ONA… but still eating

New year, new role at ONA… but still eating

Louisiana Cochon, at Cochon in New Orleans

When you’re at ONA, here’s my No. 1 tip: Eat while you can.

Like last year, my warmup to the big show involved an incredible meal. This time, a fellow mentor and I went to Cochon in New Orleans where the food was incredible.

Everyone had said the food in New Orleans was amazing and this place was totally terrific.

It may be the last full meal I get to eat because the big work is about to start.

In addition to reprising my role as a mentor with the Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab at this year’s conference, I’m also taking on the additional roles of squad leader and social media leader. I’ll be working with my student to edit her reporting, coordinating the squad’s joint report on trends for the future and helping all 20 students to use social media to get readership for their content.

In the midst of all this, I hope to be able to catch up with a few old friends and attend some (free) meals.

When I first started attending ONA, it was about learning some new skills. Now, my motivation has changed — In fact, I may not attend any of the scheduled sessions this year.

Instead, I am focused on what I learn from working with the students and guiding the new mentors. I am also going to reserve time to attend several (free) meals where I’ll get face-to-face with peers and media thinkers from across the country.

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