Ethics Symposium

Ethics Symposium

ethics-symposium-compositeOver the past weekend I spent two days at the University of Colorado participating in a symposium on digital media ethics. It was a welcome retreat from the daily grind and an opportunity to reflect on the reasoning behind some of my daily work.

Symposium organizers were also kind enough to let our brand new ONA Rocky Mountains group use their event as our second meeting. Six members were in attendance and one other symposium participant expressed interest in joining us. The numbers are still small, but I believe the core group has a strong desire to see it grow.

I participated in a panel on disaster coverage and the potential use for drones. Following the outline of the paper posted to this blog prior to the symposium, I believe my introductory remarks and follow-up thoughts during the discussion were well received.

Other panels, as summarized by a university graduate student, were:

I also walked out of the symposium with this list of reading materials that were mentioned, some repeatedly, throughout the two days: