“Pay dirt”

“Pay dirt”

Carnegie Reporter Cover, Copyright Carnegie Foundation

Christopher Connell‘s featured article in the most recent edition of the Carnegie Reporter was a long awaited look at the News21 Fellowship program from a third party. Indeed, the Carnegie foundation was one of our sponsors, but Mr. Connell is a freelancer and wrote fairly of our successes and our dreams.

I am also flattered to announce that I am mentioned significantly on two pages of the article, on the first page as the lede anecdote and on the 8th as part of a sidebar.

Here is a quote from the lede anecdote:

“We are trying to study youth and technology and tell the stories in ways that will also help inspire the future of journalism.” That may sound presumptuous for someone ten days out of college, he allowed, but given the parlous state of the economy and the news business, ‘you can’t avoid it.’
“Tenser and partner Andrew Burton aren’t just being interviewed. They are filming Robertson and the KBCH studio with a flip cam and taking photographs, all the while soliciting listeners to contact them with stories. Before the sun sets over the Pacific, they will have posted on the Internet a blog, pictures, video and sound from their 25 minutes on air with the Larry King of this stretch of coastal Oregon. And they were not alone. They were part of a larger army of 93 News21 fellows who fanned out across the country.”