After 3 years in Denver…

After 3 years in Denver…

I took this photo three years ago, as I walked to work at 7NEWS for the first time. (It is probably overdue to be replaced as my Twitter photo, but we’ll get there eventually.)

Here’s a list of my accomplishments and analytics from the last three years of work, which I can post without revealing any trade secrets:

23.8M YouTube views (all-time total)

367,334 Facebook likes (including over 272,000 in the last two years alone)

96,517 Twitter followers (growing at 124/day for the last 90 days)

70 local ONA meetup subscribers

64 days of streaming theater shooting trial coverage

35% increase in app downloads (last year alone)

30% increase in web traffic (this year over last)

7 local ONA meetups

5 speaking engagements on digital or social news

3 full-time hires

3 intern hires

3 media-league softball seasons

2 regional Murrow awards

2 ONA conferences (with the third coming up next month)

2 website redesigns

2 management training trips

1 Superbowl

I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten (or left out because I’m not sure I’m allowed to post the data) so I might come back to add more in the future.