Working on a CONNECT overhaul

Working on a CONNECT overhaul

The new CONNECT website

The old CONNECT website

One is the new website… The other is the old.

Obviously, I am trying to keep many of the design elements the same. Mostly, I want it to be a clean, news-magazine style.

I am using the Mimbo theme this time, although it has some minor CSS edits, including that mast-head image, fonts, and colors throughout.

It has been a good learning experience, and I think that it will be  a great benefit to the CONNECT program to have a platform they can continue to build overtime. CONNECTers (students in the program) will only need a minimal amount of web-savy to post, but they will also have the ability within the css framework to get more complex, or even include flash and html coding of their own.

For those who don’t know much about web publishing, I’ve done my best to predict and organize the site. I’ve created dozens of categories that only appear on the back end until someone uses them. Mimbo has timThumb built in and does all the resizing work for the entire site (although it was a pain to figure out how to set up its cache folder).

In all, I’m sure there will be requests to change the styling somehow – and lord knows you can fuss with colors till the cows come home – but I believe the framework and the content are ready to replace the old site as soon as I get the approval from the professors.