New project gone LIVE

New project gone LIVE

Erick's Site brand new home page - built by Phil Tenser

For a number of weeks I’ve been working with my friend Erick on a custom website to showcase the videos he’s been making. Some are simple projects from his youth, most are complex video productions from school and work.

This completely custom site is built on the WordPress platform, meaning everything is completely customizable by the end user – including which thumbnails appear in the homepage collage, and where. The design is based on proofs built by Erick in PowerPoint.

Tools used to build the site were borrowed from some other public-domain WordPress templates, (why re-invent the wheel?) but I am proud to say that the homepage collage system is completely of my own creation.

More screen captures:

Erick's Site Video Page
A sample of a video page
Erick's Site Archive Page
A sample of a archive page

Erick's Original Design
Erick's original homepage design