Denver Law Firm Asks For An Update

Denver Law Firm Asks For An Update

Sometimes, opportunities sneak up unexpectedly. That’s what happened with my most recent freelance project.

polandwheelerlaw.comA friend’s fiance is joining his parent’s law firm in Denver. He wanted to help give the firm a fresh update, and I was lucky enough that he thought to ask for my help.

Poland & Wheeler P.C. asked me to update their logo, create a website from scratch and update their business cards to match.

We established a hosting plan and a new logo within an afternoon. Expanding from those decisions, I found a WordPress free template from WooThemes that fit most of what Poland & Wheeler P.C. wanted. Lastly, I spent a handful of hours preparing their content and tweaking the theme to fit our plans.

My additions include page templates that display specific post categories. Poland & Wheeler P.C. doesn’t currently have any written testimonials from clients, but once they collect them it takes just a click to activate that section and display as many as they like. A similar template pulls the biographies of all employees, and is easily updated by adding or removing another post.

As always, I reinforced to my unexpected clients that the web shouldn’t be the private domain of code jockeys. I set out to build them a website they could maintain on their own, and I think this was a success.