Construction Completed

Construction Completed

Inspired by the websites in my professional life and some other blogs that I visit, I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to update my old website. It hadn’t changed for nearly three years, and from the 10,000 foot view it was clear that it needed some work. I’m happy to say that weekend project is now complete.

Although is designed to showcase my resume and freelance availability, I’ve redesigned the template with “newssense” in mind.

I’m imagining this as a potential template for a news organization. That is why there is a breaking news functionality built in – any posting assigned to that category will trigger a special section in the header of every page.

Certainly a video player could also be showcased where I’ve currently got a javascript slideshow, and ads could be incorporated into the header or any of the columns.

In future renovations, perhaps I’ll set up a set of options for deciding which categories go into each column. Right now they’re hard-coded, but I could offer this template as freeware if I set it up with simpler options.

Lastly, I will once again champion the strength of the WordPress platform and its corps of developers. Many of the elements making up this site are inspired by freeware templates, and cannot emphasize enough how thankful I am to the entire community for all the work they do.